The Curriculum

This state-of-the-art curriculum is built to help you become a better singer! A perfect balance between proper singing technique and artistic development. Uniquely designed to cater to each singers’ specific needs. Lesson plans focus on different areas to work on each session. Structured to effectively track progress, and see concrete results of improved talent and overall skill.

Each session begins with dynamic vocal warm-ups. Singers are introduced to new skills and techniques taught by Christiana Grace during the lesson portion of the session. Singers are to bring in a song of their choice that we break down and make improvements on how to sing it. Each session ends in one on one reflection and assigned practice work to take home.  


vocal range & Registers

Explore your vocal range. Learn how to drastically increase it by several octaves through a series a dynamic exercises. Learn how to strengthen your voice in all its registers; chest voice, head voice, falsetto, and whistle register.

vocal technique

Study the art of singing! Discover how to flow through the notes of complicated riffs and runs all while properly articulating lyrics simultaneously. Learn how to sing with light and short notes. Learn to sing with vibrato while holding out long, sustained notes.

Stage PRESENCE & Artistry

Discover how to move with purpose on stage and command the attention of your audience. Evoke emotion in every musical lyric you sing. Find your unique sound and tap into your truth as an artist as we work on your singing artist development.


Learn the fundamentals of writing the lyrics and melodies to your own songs. Hone in on your songwriting skills as you learn about song structure, lyrical devices and melodies/harmonies taking my songwriting classes here in Los Angeles.