LA Vocal Coach Expert
LA Vocal Coach Expert
Learn how to sing like a pro! Perform better on stage. Sing better in the studio. Become a better artist. Look at we provide private singing lessons by best vocal coach in Los Angeles.

The Mission

I created this vocal coaching program to not only enable singers to get the best results out of their voices, but also help them find their voice as artists. Too often singers try to mimic what they see and hear from other successful singers, but I want them to walk away from each coaching session with me knowing that

“You are a creative born with your own unique message to share with the world. Your Voice. Your Art. Your Purpose.”


Discover your inner artist…

“I want to hear YOU sing. I want to help discover the artist in you. To do that we strip away all of the things we ‘think’ makes up an artist, and will build, from the ground up, all of the wonderful, unique things that make YOU the artist that you already are.”

— Christiana Grace, Professional Vocal Coach