Lesson Policy for Students
In order to obtain the best possible results in your vocal lessons, the following lesson policy/agreement which is a legal binding contract is considered read, understood and agree upon by paying for lessons with Christiana Grace. This agreement will assist you with the most efficient potential growth and development and ensure that the student-coach relationship is understood properly. Please read it carefully before agreeing to commit to lessons. This contract automatically renews with each payment from a student.

Christiana Grace teaches voice and performance skills for a living. As much as she loves her job, it is her professional business and her income; it is not a “hobby”.

Punctuality & Attendance:
It is very important for students to arrive on time for their scheduled lessons in studio or be ready for the start of your lesson when Christiana arrives at your location. Lessons are scheduled back to back; therefore, Christiana is unable to run into the next student’s lesson time. Consistent attendance is vital for you to succeed and is essential for vocal and artistry growth. Christiana is passionate and committed to giving high quality vocal instruction and at the same time maintaining a consistent, predictable wage; therefore, Christiana must offer a limited cancellation policy for students.

Attendance, Cancellations and Illness:
- Lessons cancelled on the same day forfeits the lesson fee. NO EXCEPTIONS.
- 48-hour cancellation required to avoid forfeit with the exception of illness where waiving of the fee will be discretionary.
- If you do not show up for any reason, you automatically forfeit that lesson's fee. Additionally, you will be responsible for all collection costs of any unpaid fees, including, mailing notices, court costs and legal fees / expenses.
- With a 48 hour cancellation or a rescheduled notice requested, a make-up lesson will be given as a courtesy.
The make-up lesson must be made up within five (5) days from the original booked lesson date or the lesson fee is forfeit.
- Only one (1) rescheduled lesson request is permitted every eight (8) weeks.
- Rescheduled lessons are issued based on Christiana’s availability.
- Cancelled make-up lessons cannot be rescheduled and you automatically forfeit that lesson's fee.
- If you are unable or cannot reschedule a singing lesson due to your own schedule limitations or conflicts within five (5) days, you forfeit the lesson time & fee.

Commitment to Lessons:
- Christiana cannot guarantee you a time slot if you cannot guarantee consistent attendance.
- Christiana cannot hold time slots for students that 'may or may not' be able to make their lesson.
- Students who are regularly receiving lessons ensure that Christiana has a consistent lesson calendar and full knowledge of available lesson times for new students.

Quitting Lessons/Leaves of Absence:
As a courtesy, Christiana requires two weeks (14 CALENDAR DAYS) if you wish to terminate your lessons or require a leave of absence. You will be considered an active student until Christiana is notified of a change.

Cancellations by Christiana Grace:
Students will not be charged for any lessons cancelled by Christiana Grace. A make-up lesson will be given within a reasonable time frame.

Lesson Policy Changes:
Christiana reserves the right to update this lesson policy at any time; every effort will be made to inform you of changes in a timely manner.

NO TRANSFER OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Christiana’s copyrighted, and original materials shall be provided to the student for his/her individual use only and single-user license. Student shall not be authorized to share, copy, distribute, or otherwise disseminate any materials received from Christiana electronically, physically, or otherwise without the prior written consent from Christiana. All intellectual property, including Christiana’s copyrighted materials, shall remain the sole property of Christiana. No license to sell or distribute Christiana’s materials is granted or implied.